About us

Castle Empire is a Manchester based company which is professionally run. Castle Empire and its employees are 100% dedicated to ensuring quality services to you the customer.

Since our establishment in 2005, we have gained a high reputation for reliability and quality. Business growth is now more centred around word of mouth advertising, in which we would like to thank our previous customers.

We are proud to have annual contracts with:
Oldham Carnival
Hazel Grove Carnival
Manchester International Caribbean Carnival
Wythenshawe Civic Centre
Moss Side Market
Nottingham Carnival
Leeds Mela
West Indian Sports & Social Club

The best way to evaluate this company is by asking our customers, for which we have many. Please feel free to find someone to ask or call us via the telephone. If not we hope this web site will give you a good indication of the level of quality we provide.

We are able to find our customers via the latest in satellite navigation so we can guarantee to find your location. All bookings are logged into a database, in which we will never loose track of bookings or over book.

We provide safety inspections to the inflatable's and carry 2,000,000 public liability insurance which is adhere to by the HSE recommended codes of practice for inflatable hire.

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